Simplification and Nonsense


This week has been a riot with updates for a game or two. The thing that makes it crazy is the reaction of people and the reactions of people to those reactions. It make it interesting when people have opinion that clash (I'm trying to protect the identies of the sorta innocent, so I'm beating around the bush). It only creates problems for those around.

I'll start off with the nonsense, people without thick skins make the world more dramatic. It really boils down to being able to talk with people that have differing opinions and not just shutting them down. I've seen more than once people get banned or shut down for having an opinion that covers a sensitive topic. It soinds insensitive to say they need to just grow some thicker skin, but at the same time, it's true. They still have the agency to choose how they react and talk to someone. Just because someone believes different doesn't mean you have license to call them a clown, people that do this often complain when they get called names... If you want someone to listen to you, listen to someone else. It's how you learn.

This rant is one that really gets me each time, but the anger can go into something constructive, like peening the scythe blade. It's when we learn to sort it out for ourselves and peacefully deal with other opposing views that we lessen the divide between us. People complain about being inclusive and dividing everyone, but they go and get into their little echo chambers to be with themselves and their lackeys. I may be wrong, but hopefully, I've got things setup so that my little community isn't an echo chanber

Finally, in other news. I've finally setup qutebrowser to open my video watching in MPV. It removes the distraction of other things, but I still want to have my Discord functionality in the terminal, but that is still on hold...