Of Men and Not So Men


So, over the last little bit there has been a lot of turbulence on the internet. Whether political or videogames. I don't care which side of the bench you are on, but can we agree to disagree?

I know it feels like the opposition is only getting in the way of the life that everyone wants to live, that people are marginalized. How extreme are we really from each other? It honestly feels like people let trolls get under their skin and use it as an excuse to alienate them. Trolls use their alienation as an excuse to continue to troll them. People may hold up your marginalized status in politics, but for how long? When does it end? The Nazis were completely willing to allow Latter-Day Saints members of the party stay for the first little bit while they ripped out all the dissenters and Jews, but later on, they wouldn't permit an "American Religion" to live in their perfect Germany.

First I think I want thick skin as my subject. For those that don't know, thick skin is the ability to have people hurl words, insults and perjuratives at you without having to lash out violently against them. One bad example of this is Antifa, say something they don't like, they dox you and encourage harm on your family and yourself. A good example, I'm not gonna say Trump cause he bites back in bad ways many times. I think everyone can see Jesus as a person with thick skin. He was thrown insults and threats multiple times, but still stood his ground of faith. He died for what he preached, but that is another subject entirely. He didn't tell people to kill others over words they said, but told everyone to love each other. He talked with people who had lifestyles that he didn't agree with, too.

Developing thick skin doesn't happen over night either. It takes time and effort, most of that effort might be in forgiving and ignoring the opposition. There are plenty that will disagree with you that will give you the time of day if you are trying, though. I think sometimes people for get this. When you put yourself out there, people from both sides are gonna attack you for something you say on some level. You may say something someone may agree with you on and they praise you for it. You can then turn around and all of a sudden they are venomous to you. It is only human nature. I've honestly learned in my time on the internet, that people are gonna be jerks, when I run into people that are awesome it's a pleasantry. And honestly, I would prefer people throwing slurs at me over the internet than having them dox me and attacking me physically

Now, inorder for those trying to change to actually change, somebody needs to give them room to improve. This means forgiving them and accepting their best efforts. Some things do require punishment, but going back into their history back multiple years and holding something they did or said then against them now is no way of doing that. I've run into people that had no heart of looking at the good of someone because of something they saw as bad or hateful. This concept of love the person and not the action was something they didn't seem to grasp. There are a lot of people I associate with that I don't agree with on certain topics, but I still respect them. I can't stop them, but when they wrong me directly, I can still forgive them and let them know what they did so they can improve later on.

Now, in all honesty, I think these concepts will help you not be lashed to the ideology that may just toss you off to the side. I want the best for everyone, but sometimes we don't have all the facts and think that we know best. When we base our society on theories that haven't proven their salt, then we destroy the very things we have enjoyed for years.And no one wants to lose that.

If you have a though provoking thing or idea, let me know. If you have thought on the subject that might even help me form this idea better, be sure to let me know (dissenter is a great way to interact with this post).