On Audio and Accessories


So, I have been started on a journey for audio quality. It started with DankPods and has kinda spiraled to me buying headphones. It sounds better to about the same depending on what set I use and compare it to. I haven't quite tried some of the "higher" end ones that are more expensive just yet, nor has Raycon sent me a pair. I am going to just let you know what my kit looks like.


This is actually two sets of headphones. One is a standard over-the-ear set and the other are buds. They both sounded better than previous sets I have used and they were the first ones on this journey. The over-the-ear ones I used with my computer for the first bit and then went to use otherwise when I replaced them. The buds have mostly been used with my switch and the switch doesn't have the best DAC in it. One thing to keep in mind is that each of these cost $30.

So, the buds don't pick up the static background like some of my nicer headphones. That is a plus and they come with fins for keeping them in your ear and this definitely help. They have a need to fall out of your ear, even with a larger set of tips, but the fins help. They do have a burn in period for some reason, but they sound good.

The over-the-ears have been decent for my uses, with streaming, games, etc. I'm not quite sure about better quality as compared to the Sony ones I got from my brother. They did the job, that was the big part and they are braided. The cord is still intact in spite of the abuse since, with travel and wear.


This set serves double duty. They have a wire that lets you use it with non-bluetooth devices. This configuration needs no batteries, so you don't have to charge them when using them wired or turn them on for that matter. The wire plugged in does take over whatever you may have going over bluetooth. They do sound good this way, I'm pretty sure slightly better. I have only used the bluetooth a couple times.

The bluetooth on these ones are pretty standard. By default "noise canceling" is on, they really only have a noise passthrough setting, which works the way you think, with the mic. Mic is bluetooth, and has trying-to-listen-from-your-ear quality. The controls are physical, which is nice. It charges by micro USB.

Somewhere in this point is where DankPods really came in.


These are great for the price. They have mostly been used with my switch, but I had a lot of time with them at the IRS. They allowed me to enjoy my music somewhat better than wireless. They fit well in the pocket, after hearing more sound stage, though it does kind feel sad, but at $20, I did by another pair, which is the slightly upgraded model. The one big thing I like about this set is the wire is setup to loop over your ear, which means they can hang just outside of your ear, without losing them, which is why I got them. The wire does get in the way of glasses, though. I am messing with them on my computer currently, to see how buds feel again in this situation, plus full-sized headphones can be kinda bulky with limited desk space... Also, the problem of my switch creating background noise is prevalent. Impedance on these things are kinda low, and my volume settings using these things are low.

These headphones are also somewhat modular. You can replace the wire with other wires, such as balanced wires or different colored ones. They do use a special connector for it, so you have to look out for that. They do also sell a bluetooth wire that connects the two, but lets you use them wirelessly like some of the bluetooth sport earbuds. There are probably other options, too.

Get the best dirty buds


People have complained about the battery life in these buds, but I haven't noticed. My use case with them has mostly been one ear at a time, great way to stretch out usage when listening to an audiobook. They basically seem to be on par with the ZSN Pros and are True Wireless, so using one at a time doesn't require both out of the case like my unmentioned Skull Candies. I love them for when I need to work and don't wanna deal with wires while listening to audiobooks, podcasts and music. Also, keep in mind, this set cost only $30. The wireless reach is pretty good, but once you hit the edge, you get the odd cutting from what you are listening to and it doesn't autopause, like when they disconnect.

Get some wireless action

Samson SR 860

Basically, a recolored SR 850. This one changed me. After having listened to plently of Sabaton through the ZSN Pros I really got to know some of the music. This set is a refernce set, so more balanced, and I could hear things I didn't before. It amazed me to hear some of the higher end detail that I was missing in other sets, the pinephone does a decent job. So, as I mentioned earlier I do pick up white noise from my switch with them, but at $50 they work well for everything else. They do fit the SR 850 cups, too, so you can accesorize with those pads, but the velvet pads they came with feel nice. They also work better than the Sonys for it, in spite of those ones being (likely) $100... They don't need much more power compared to the ZSN Pros, either.

Get the phones


So, to finish things off. The last part of my eargasm journey has been the best part. I have included the links, yes affiliate, for the ones I recommend. They will serve you well, I promise.