How to give Neph Money

Here are ways to help support teh cause.

I'll take your money

My services

For those "freeloaders" that feel like there is a little more that could be had from my hide.


Image here


Image here


Like the ones above, but also for those euros.


Somewhat direct, but most people use it.

Streamlabs or Streamelements

Produces alerts on stream, but works through paypal or your card.


Pretty much direct deposit, your bank might have it built in.



Domain name, they have sales, get those meme names and get them at a good price.


Get a VPS, like the one I am hosting this site on and the Pleroma and Peertube instances.


You get $100 to play around for using my link. I get $25 once you spend $25 on it. It is where I have the minecraft server setup, this is a way to help keep it up...

Duke Cannon Soap

Take a shower, support me and veterans at the same time, but sending me money helps veterans anyway when I am helping them at home...

Buy my merch!

You can by my merch on teespring, it won't hurt and it will mean you can be my personal billboard.

Life Leadership

"Hey, this looks like one of those MLM things!" Yeah, it is, but I'm not saying to build a business, just look at the product. It has helped me lay the foundation for why I have stuck to my guns for so long. It also has some pretty good stuff for good prices and coupon stuff to help you save money on things you already get.


"Hey, this is another one!" Yeah, ask me how Lemon tastes in Mountain Dew.