Neph's Fabulous Services

I have a few things to offer. I'll try to keep it organized.

All services offered under Nephite Development


The simplest way to get in on this is to us subscribestar or patreon. Basically, 1GB/dollar for now. I am looking at dropping the price down the road, depending on a number of factors. I am planning on adding more side things for this one, too, mumble, email, etc. Probably gonna have early adopter perks cause you kinda people are awesome.


A one-on-one session, more than likely over discord, or other voice/video chat service. If you want some help or direction on something, I've got a few things that I can help with.

  • Transitioning to Linux
  • Goal setting or planning
  • Game development
  • Personal development
  • Self-directed learning
  • Scything (Odd, I know)

HTML site help

Help with getting some HTML for your site. I know enough to get this up and it is one of the greatest frameworks on the web.