Neph's Game Projects

Games not listed elsewhere

Adventure of Me

This was a small text-based java game I made. It isn't much, but was a start. It might have been a phase, too...


Rogue Colors: Back burner

This started out as a game idea, then turned into a game engine idea. I wanted it to be moddable like Dungeons of Dredmor, but I wanted simplicity. That turned into a roguelike engine based on simplicity.

Pokemon Bloodred: Back burner

This as a fan-game. It is done in RPG Maker XP with Pokemon Essentials GS.

A mysterious romhack with pokecrystal

It's a secret right now. I'll share more when further details are made.


Minetest Weapons Mod

This was very early minetest back around 2011. So, it might not be compatible with current.

Weapons mod for minetest

Morrowind Merch Armor Mod

They are probably rather overpowered for the price, and the merchant has a familiar name.

Also, it does require Tribunal and Bloodmoon, since the armors are from Bloodmoon. Most sold versions already include them.

Neph's Cheap Riches


Nothing here, yet. I'll find some.

Minor scripts

LDS Conference reader/listener: Complete/Broken

This is a tool, cause I wanted a light program that didn't require me visiting the site on my linux box. Got broken with recent upates to


Audio Player

Mass Downloader

I wanted to download a lot of maps for a game (Total Annihilation), so I made this. I came in handy with helping my mom get a bunch of images she needed.


Other Things

Numix dark UI for Atom Editor

Some outdated dotfiles