Who is Neph? Why does he matter?

I do a variety of things, some make sense together, others don't in the mix. From the streaming videogames, no the personal development, and some of the work experience. I am one of those people who don't like a flat, boring background. I may not always remember a good story, but I do have a few and I remember to look for more opportunities for creating stories.

Media and Games

Why stream videogames? It is one of those vectors to increasing my reach, and not everyone likes being serious all the time. They can create a laidback environment, and provide those rage moments people like, just look for those pokemon RNG moments. It does feel slow sometimes, but it does grow. I'm always looking for how to improve it and to make my engagement better, so be sure to check out my links.

Why the youtube junk? I needed a place to puke, and it gives me opportunity to provide something different than on stream. I also am not fully cornering myself into a genre corner, but I am working on building a niche with my mix of stuff. It doesn't help that youtube is the bigger site, and we all know how their algorithm is with certain content...

What else is on your plate? I've got an itch for programming. This site is a way to show some of the skill and setting up this VPS for this was a fun task. Learning to do something is nice, but usually don't come with the certificates, so this is a portfolio of sorts, too. I may have skills that are in demand, but I don't always have good examples to show for it.


Why linux? Linux is what set me free from windows parental controls. I also enjoyed the customization options, it really stuck with me once I had cool wobbly windows. I moved down a more efficient path as time went on. My hardware does run a bit better on linux, too. I can even get a fair portion of my gaming on linux. Halo's anti-cheat does get in the way of my unlocks... A bunch of games run pretty well on it, you can even look at my streams, those run on a GTX 1050 on a laptop with OBS running and a few more apps. Oh, and AoE2DE running in multiplayer on proton kicks the host from the game, which was a pretty funny find, auto-win.


So, you're a mormon? If by 'mormon' you mean member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, then yes. Like many Christians, my faith has been a blessing in my life and taught me some great value. Some people may disagree with me, but I would argue that if you ask many of the people I have interacted with online, then I'm pretty good. Granted I also am in areas that most won't think.